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Remington Row

Location: Remington Row // Baltimore, Maryland

Date Completed: September 2016

Description: The scope of this project involved nearly all common areas of apartment complex Remington Row. In front of the building, we built gabion benches with stone bases and reclaimed oak beams. We applied reclaimed wood siding to the exterior canopies and suspended ceiling panels in the lobby. Salvaged floor panels were repurposed as feature walls on the exterior of the building. We also installed a receptionist desk faced in reclaimed flooring and salvaged metal tiles and poured custom concrete countertops. In the courtyard, we used salvaged beams to build a large pergola. Reclaimed flooring, sourced from vacant homes in Baltimore, was installed in the lounge area and apartment hallways. In the individual apartments, we used the same reclaimed flooring to build sliding barn doors for the bedrooms.

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